New to Snapchat?

If you are new to Snapchat you might be wondering where to start from.  One thing you need to know is a detailed instruction is provided.  There is a detailed video for those who care to check of all the icons and their importance.  You will see icons like replay icons, sent icons, received icons and viewed just to name a few.  Under each icon there are various features that allow checking its status.  You need not worry as it will only take you at most a day to be fully conversant with the icons and their uses.    It is a very easy app to use.

The rise in Snapchat has created a totally different group.  Most young people find this appropriate and the best place to be as it is easy to use and meets their needs.  Creating an account is also simple and does not require a lot of information.  If you love sharing photos, snapchat views, videos and stories then you need to consider opening an account where you will be able to fully enjoy sharing photos and stories with your viewers, followers or friends whatever you wish to call them.  Lest you forget there are also deleting features which might come handy.