How filter apps and hash tags can help you get free likes on Instagram

The secret to attracting many likes on instagram is looking glamorous on your photos. But what if your camera doesn’t produce the clearest of photos? Can you still get likes? Of course you can. Nowadays no one needs to own a 15mp camera to produce the best of pictures. And certainly you don’t have to be a celebrity to have people like your instagram photos. All you need is to download a free filter app that helps edit and filter your pictures to look more beautiful.

Alternatively, you can resolve to follow popular hash tags on instagram and add them onto every pic that you post. For instance, hash tags like #like4like and #follow Friday can give you more free likes. The key thing however is to use many hash tags and especially the most recent hash tags that are still trending. Finally, always post the best of your pictures but don’t post so many photos that look alike. Make instagram your art gallery and you will be amazed at just how many free likes and free followers you can get on every single picture that you post.